China OEM Ungeared Slewing Rings Bearings (L6-22P9Z) Turntable Bearings Dual Flanged Swing Bearing for Pump Truck Cranes with high quality

Product Description

Please see details for slewing ring bearing swing bearing turntable bearing:

Flanged swing bearing slewing bearing ring
Internal toothed gear
L6-16N9Z  L6-25N9ZD  L6-37N9Z  L9-38N9Z  L9-57N9Z  L6-16N9ZD  L6-29N9Z  L6-37N9ZD
L9-42N9Z  L6-22N9Z  L6-29N9ZD  L6-43N9Z  L9-46N9Z  L6-22N9ZD  L6-33N9Z  L6-43N9ZD
L9-49N9Z  L6-25N9Z  L6-33N9ZD  L9-53N9Z
External toothed gear
L6-16E9Z  L6-25E9ZD  L6-37E9Z  L9-38E9Z  L9-57E9Z  L6-16E9ZD  L6-29E9Z  L6-37E9ZD
L9-42E9Z  L6-22E9Z  L6-29E9ZD  L6-43E9Z  L9-46E9Z  L6-22E9ZD  L6-33E9Z  L6-43E9ZD
L9-49E9Z  L6-25E9Z  L6-33E9ZD  L9-53E9Z  S8-50E1  S14-90E1  S24-158E1  S8-56E1
S16-100E1  S24-178E1  S10-63E1  S16-112E1  S12-70E1  S20-125E1  S14-80E1  S22-140E1
Untoothed gearless
L4-13P8Z  L6-16P9Z  L6-25P9ZD  L6-37P9Z  L9-38P9Z  L9-57P9Z  L4-13P9Z  L6-16P9ZD
L6-29P9Z  L6-37P9ZD  L9-42P9Z  L4-17P8Z  L6-22P9Z  L6-29P9ZD  L6-43P9Z  L9-46P9Z
L4-17P9Z  L6-22P9ZD  L6-33P9Z  L6-43P9ZD  L9-49P9Z  L6-25P9Z  L6-33P9ZD  L9-53P9Z

Four Point Contact Ball swing bearing slewing bearing ring
Internal toothed gear
A8-17N4D  A14-33N1  A13-46N1A  A16-56N5  A20-95N4  A8-22N2A  A10-35N1L
A12-47N3E  A16-59N2  A24-107N1  A8-25N21  A12-35N5  A14-47N5A  A20-72N5A
A22-129N1  A9-25N3  A7-38N1  A9-54N2  A18-80N1  A22-166N1  A10-32N1A
A10-43N28D  A14-54N10C  A16-95N6
External toothed gear
A6-9E1B  A14-18E1L1  A14-22E1B1  A14-34E31  A18-46E4D  A18-60E2  A22-105E2A
A6-11E4  A8-19E5A  A12-27E3  A13-38E1  A10-47E1  A18-74E3  A19-111E1  A6-14E10
A8-22E6  A8-30E8D  A8-39E12  A12-48E12  A16-78E4  A24-119E11A  A8-17E10BC
A10-22E5A  A10-34E6  A8-41E1  A14-48E22  A18-80E1  A16-152E2  A12-18E5  12-22E2
A12-34E2AG  A12-42E316-53E1A  A18-89E1
Untoothed gearless
A6-9P4  A8-22P11  A14-25P1  A14-43P1  A16-67P2  A22-98P1  A6-11P5  A13-22P4
A14-31P3  A12-47P2  A16-79P1A  A10-110P2D  A6-14P3D  A4-23P2A  A12-32P2
A14-49P1A  A16-86P1  A12-125P1  A8-17P1DU  A9-24P2  A12-34P2B  A14-56P1E
A14-89P1  A19-150P1  A14-19P4  A14-24P1A  A10-35P1A  A18-60P1B  A18-89P1

Double row ball swing bearing slewing bearing ring
Internal toothed gear
H7-35N1  H7-43N1  H7-43N3A  H8-54N1
External toothed gear
H7-30E1  H7-38E1  H8-58E2

Crossed roller swing bearing slewing bearing ring
Internal toothed gear
R8-30N3  R8-46N3  R9-63N3  R8-35N3  R8-49N3  R9-67N3  R8-39N3  R8-52N3
R11-71N3  R8-42N3  R9-55N3  R11-75N3  R8-44N3  R9-59N3  R11-79N3
External toothed gear
R8-30E3  R8-46E3  R9-63E3  R8-35E3  R8-49E3  R9-67E3  R8-39E3  R8-52E3
R11-71E3  R8-42E3  R9-55E3  R11-75E3  R8-44E3  R9-59E3  R11-79E3

Triple row roller swing bearing slewing bearing ring
Internal toothed gear
3R6-49N9  3R8-59N2C  3R8-98N1  3R10-88N2B  3R13-122N1B  3R16-265N3
3R6-55N9  3R8-59N2E  3R8-98N9  3R10-98N1B  3R13-128N1A  3R6-63N9
3R8-68N3B  3R8-110N1  3R10-111N2F  3R16-197N1  3R6-71N9  3R8-79N9
3R8-122N1A  3R10-117N3D  3R16-220N1  3R6-79N9  3R8-88N9  3R10-85N2A
3R13-62N1E  3R16-245N1
External toothed gear
3R6-48E3B  3R6-79E9  3R16-197E2  3R6-49E9  3R8-79E9  3R16-220E1  3R6-55E9
3R8-88E9  3R16-248E1  3R6-63E9  3R8-98E9  3R16-265E1  3R6-71E9  3R10-82E3C
Untoothed gearless
3R5-44P2A  3R6-79P9  3R10-125P1B  3R6-49P9  3R8-79P9  3R16-102P5  3R6-55P9
3R8-88P9  3R6-63P9  3R8-98P9  3R6-71P9  3R10-98P9

Four point contact ball slewing bearing without gear teeth for trailer truck
W13-24P1  W13-35P1  W13-38P1  W13-43P2  W13-49P1  W13-51P1D  W14-60P1  W14-71P1
W16-84P1  W17-108P1  M4-12P4  M4-12P4Z  M4-16P4  M4-16P4Z  M4-22P4  M4-22P4Z
M4-26P4  M4-26P4Z  M4-30P4  M4-30P4Z  M4-34P4  M4-34P4Z  M4-38P4  M4-38P4Z
M5-16P1  M5-16P1Z  M5-22P1  M5-22P1Z  M5-26P1  M5-26P1Z  M5-30P1  M5-30P1Z
M5-34P1  M5-34P1Z  M5-38P1  M5-38P1Z  M5-31P1  M5-31P1Z  M5-36P1  M5-36P1Z
M5-40P1  M5-40P1Z  M6-35P1  M6-35P1Z  M6-39P1  M6-39P1Z  M7-39P1  M7-39P1Z
M7-42P1  M7-42P1Z  S8-50E1  S8-56E1  S10-63E1  S12-70E1  S14-80E1  S14-90E1
S16-100E1  S16-112E1  S20-125E1  S22-140E1  S24-158E1  S24-178E1

If you need more details, please feel free to contact us for designing and producing,  Attn: Susan Yang

1. Why choose CZPT slewing bearings
Who we are?
We (HangZhou CZPT special heavy-duty and large bearing manufacturing CO., LTD) are a professional
bearing manufacturer in the world, established in 2000, specializing in slewing bearings, slewing drives
and special bearings, with design, production, sales, marketing and service from OD200mm to 8000mm.
For 18 years experiences, our bearings have flied to more than 50 countries.

Our technical team:
We have 60 employees, with 6 experienced engineers and professional technicists.
All our bearings are designed by CAD-programs, made according to customers’ special demands.
Our technical team can also verify safety & reliability depending on the load case and the strength of raceway
as well as gear and bolt connections.

Equipped with advanced manufacturing equipments and test instruments, all bearings are of uniform marking
and packing with superior quality, reasonable prices and perfect services.

We have been certificated by ISO9001:2008, and we are also aligned to international quality standards
from application consulting and engineering to productions, examinations, documentations and dispatch.
We will prepare additional test reports if customers need.

2. Structure of CZPT slewing bearings
Main Types:
Single row ball slewing ring bearings
Double row ball slewing ring bearings
Crossed roller slewing ring bearing
Three row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
BALL & ROLLER combined slewing bearings
Flanged slewing ring bearing
Gear Type:
Slewing bearings with external gear
Slewing bearings with internal gear
Slew bearings without gear
Flange type:
Slewing bearings with external flange and internal gear
Slew rings with internal flange and external gear
Slew bearings with external and internal flange

3. About CZPT bearings Advantages:
3.1 introduction:we are a manufacturer of slewing bearing since 1993, our factory occupies a area of 30000square meters with 4 workshop and 1 office building. 
3.2 Featured products: slewing bearing and slewing drive
3.3 Capital: Current is 1 million RMB, but we are increasing the capital to 10 million RMB
3.4 Workers: 60
3.5 Certificate: ISO9001:2008, 3.1 certificate, CCS certificate
All CZPT slew rings can betested by the 3rd party inspection organization if customer requires, such as BV, CCS, SGS, LR, ABS and so on. All swing bearings inspection reports will be supplied to customers, including raw material certificate, heat treatment certificate, UT&PT and so on.
3.6 Annual Exportation: 8 million USD
3.7 Warranty Period: All CZPT slewing ring bearings have a warranty period of 18 months, for some special working condition, warranty period can be lengthened to 3-4 years.
3.8 Production Time: All CZPT slewing ring bearings can be usually delivered timely, usual production time is 15-50 days based on different slew bearings diameters, sometimes slew rings will be in stock.
3.9 Technical Control
All CZPT slewing ring bearings are forged rings with material steel 50Mn or 42CrMo, slewing rings are machined by CNC lathe, slew bearings raceway are quenched via medium-frequency hardening with hardness 55-60HRC, turntable bearings are drilled holes by CNC drilling machine, slew gears are machined by hobbing machine with gear quenched if required, swing bearings then are grinded by grinding machine with higher precision.

4. CZPT Slewing Bearing Packing 
4.1 Basic Packing
Bearing surface is covered with the anti-rust oil first; and then wrapped with the plastic film;
And then packed with kraft paper and professional belts;
At last, with wooden box totally at the outer packing to invoid the rust or the moist;
We can depend on the customers  demand to be packed;

4.2 CZPT slewing ring bearings can be packed by different ways.
If bearing diameter is less than 2300mm, slewing rings will be usually packed by square plywood case.
If bearing diameter is more than 2300mm, slewing rings can be packed by square plywood case, round plywood case, or steel tripod. Every package way can be totally kept goods safely.

5. CZPT Slewing Bearing Transportation:
Slewing bearings can be offered different delivery terms, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by different transport ways, by express (such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by truck, by railway and so on. /* March 10, 2571 17:59:20 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Feature: Cold-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant
Sealing Gland: Sealed On Both Sides
Rolling-Element Number: Single-Row
Roller Type: Deep Groove Raceway
Material: 50mn or 42CrMo
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Customized Request

nylon sleeve bearing

Can you provide guidance on the selection and sizing of nylon sleeve bearings for specific applications?

Yes, I can provide guidance on the selection and sizing of nylon sleeve bearings for specific applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the factors to consider when selecting and sizing nylon sleeve bearings:

  • Load and Application Requirements:

The first step in selecting nylon sleeve bearings is to assess the load and application requirements. Determine the maximum load the bearing will experience, including static and dynamic loads. Consider factors such as rotational speed, operating temperature, environmental conditions, and the presence of contaminants or chemicals. Understanding the specific application requirements will help in selecting a nylon bearing with the appropriate load capacity, temperature resistance, chemical compatibility, and other necessary properties.

  • Bearing Dimensions:

Next, consider the dimensions of the bearing. Measure the shaft diameter and the housing bore to determine the appropriate bearing size. Nylon sleeve bearings are available in a range of standard sizes, so select a bearing that matches the dimensions of the shaft and housing for a proper fit. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the shaft and the bearing to allow for proper lubrication and thermal expansion.

  • Lubrication Requirements:

Consider the lubrication requirements of the application. Nylon sleeve bearings can be self-lubricating, which means they have built-in lubrication properties. Assess whether the application conditions allow for proper self-lubrication or if additional lubrication is necessary. Factors such as operating speed, temperature, and the presence of contaminants may influence the lubrication requirements. If external lubrication is needed, ensure that the chosen nylon bearing is compatible with the lubricant used.

  • Environmental Factors:

Take into account the environmental factors that the nylon sleeve bearings will be exposed to. Consider temperature variations, humidity levels, exposure to chemicals or corrosive substances, and the presence of abrasive particles. If the application involves extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals, or other harsh conditions, select a nylon bearing with appropriate material properties and resistance to those environmental factors.

  • Industry Standards and Regulations:

Check if there are any industry-specific standards or regulations that need to be followed when selecting nylon sleeve bearings. Certain industries, such as automotive or aerospace, may have specific requirements for bearing materials, performance standards, or certifications. Ensure that the chosen nylon bearing complies with the relevant standards and regulations to meet the specific industry requirements.

  • Consult Manufacturer or Supplier:

Lastly, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or supplier of nylon sleeve bearings for additional guidance. They can provide expertise and assistance in selecting the most suitable bearing for the specific application. The manufacturer or supplier can offer information on material properties, load capacities, temperature limits, and other technical specifications to ensure the optimal selection and sizing of nylon sleeve bearings.

By considering these factors and consulting with experts, you can make an informed decision when selecting and sizing nylon sleeve bearings for specific applications. Taking the time to choose the right bearing will contribute to the performance, longevity, and reliability of the equipment or machinery in which they are used.

nylon sleeve bearing

Are there variations in nylon sleeve bearing designs and materials for specific applications?

Yes, there are variations in nylon sleeve bearing designs and materials to accommodate specific applications. Different applications may have unique requirements in terms of load capacity, operating conditions, environmental factors, and desired performance characteristics. Here’s a detailed explanation of the variations in nylon sleeve bearing designs and materials for specific applications:

Design Variations:

Nylon sleeve bearings can be designed in various configurations to meet specific application needs. Some common design variations include:

  • Straight Sleeve Bearings: These are the most basic design, featuring a cylindrical shape with a straight bore. They are suitable for applications with moderate loads and low speeds.
  • Flanged Sleeve Bearings: These bearings have an added flange on one end, which provides axial support and helps in proper alignment. Flanged bearings are often used in applications where axial movement needs to be restricted.
  • Thrust Washers: These are flat or washer-like nylon bearings that are used to provide axial support and reduce friction between moving parts in thrust applications.
  • Customized Designs: In some cases, nylon sleeve bearings can be customized or engineered to meet specific application requirements. This may involve modifications in dimensions, shapes, or features to optimize performance.

Material Variations:

While nylon is the primary material used for sleeve bearings, there are variations in the composition and formulation of nylon to suit different applications. Some common material variations include:

  • Standard Nylon: This is the most commonly used nylon material for sleeve bearings. It offers good wear resistance, low friction, and self-lubricating properties.
  • Reinforced Nylon: Reinforced nylon bearings are infused with fillers such as glass fibers or other additives to enhance their mechanical properties. These bearings exhibit improved strength, stiffness, and higher load-carrying capacity compared to standard nylon bearings.
  • Food-Grade Nylon: Nylon bearings can be manufactured from food-grade or FDA-approved nylon materials. These bearings are designed to meet strict hygiene and safety standards and are suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry.
  • High-Temperature Nylon: For applications involving elevated temperatures, special high-temperature nylon formulations are available. These bearings can withstand higher operating temperatures without significant loss of mechanical properties.
  • Chemically Resistant Nylon: In applications where exposure to chemicals or corrosive substances is a concern, chemically resistant nylon bearings are used. These bearings are formulated to resist degradation or damage from specific chemicals.

The choice of nylon sleeve bearing design and material depends on the specific application requirements and operating conditions. Engineers and designers consider factors such as load capacity, speed, temperature, environmental conditions, lubrication needs, and industry regulations when selecting the appropriate design and material for their applications.

In summary, there are variations in nylon sleeve bearing designs and materials to cater to specific applications. Design variations include straight sleeve bearings, flanged sleeve bearings, thrust washers, and customized designs. Material variations include standard nylon, reinforced nylon, food-grade nylon, high-temperature nylon, and chemically resistant nylon. The selection of design and material depends on the unique requirements and operating conditions of the application.

nylon sleeve bearing

How do nylon sleeve bearings compare to other types of sleeve bearings, such as bronze?

When comparing nylon sleeve bearings to other types of sleeve bearings, such as bronze, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a detailed comparison between nylon sleeve bearings and bronze sleeve bearings:

  • Friction and Lubrication:

Nylon sleeve bearings have inherent low-friction properties, which reduce the need for additional lubrication. They offer self-lubrication capabilities, allowing them to operate with minimal or no external lubrication. On the other hand, bronze sleeve bearings typically require regular lubrication to minimize friction and wear. Lubrication is necessary to create a lubricating film between the bearing and the mating surface, reducing friction and preventing metal-to-metal contact.

  • Wear Resistance:

Both nylon and bronze sleeve bearings offer good wear resistance. Nylon bearings can withstand continuous sliding motion against mating surfaces without significant wear or damage. Bronze bearings, especially those made from materials like phosphor bronze or aluminum bronze, are also known for their excellent wear resistance. However, the specific wear characteristics may depend on the application requirements, load conditions, and environmental factors.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

In terms of corrosion resistance, nylon sleeve bearings have an advantage over bronze bearings. Nylon is highly resistant to corrosion and does not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or most common chemicals. Bronze bearings, although generally resistant to corrosion, can be susceptible to oxidation or chemical attack in certain environments. Bronze bearings may require additional protective coatings or maintenance to prevent corrosion-related issues.

  • Load Capacity:

Bronze sleeve bearings typically have higher load-carrying capacities compared to nylon sleeve bearings. Bronze, being a metal alloy, offers greater strength and hardness, allowing it to withstand heavier loads and higher pressures. Bronze bearings are commonly used in applications that involve significant loads or impact forces. Nylon bearings, while suitable for many moderate-load applications, may not be as appropriate for extremely heavy load conditions.

  • Temperature Range:

Bronze bearings generally have a wider temperature range compared to nylon bearings. Bronze can withstand higher temperatures without significant loss of mechanical properties. It is commonly used in high-temperature applications where nylon may not be suitable due to its lower melting point. Nylon sleeve bearings have a temperature limit, beyond which the material can deform or degrade. They are typically used in applications with lower temperature requirements.

  • Noise and Vibration:

Nylon sleeve bearings offer inherent noise reduction capabilities due to their low-friction operation. They can help dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels, contributing to quieter machinery and equipment. Bronze bearings, depending on their design and lubrication, can generate more noise and vibrations during operation. Additional measures, such as proper lubrication and vibration dampening arrangements, may be required to minimize noise and vibration in bronze bearing applications.

  • Cost:

In terms of cost, nylon sleeve bearings are generally more cost-effective compared to bronze bearings. Nylon is a readily available and cost-efficient material, making the manufacturing of nylon bearings economical. Bronze bearings, especially those made from high-performance alloys, can be more expensive due to the cost of raw materials and the manufacturing process. The cost difference may vary depending on the specific application requirements and the availability of materials.

In summary, nylon sleeve bearings and bronze sleeve bearings have distinct characteristics and advantages. Nylon bearings offer low friction and self-lubrication properties, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. They are suitable for moderate-load applications and environments where corrosion is a concern. Bronze bearings provide higher load capacities, wider temperature ranges, and are commonly used in heavy-load applications. The choice between nylon and bronze depends on the specific application requirements, load conditions, temperature range, and other factors.

China OEM Ungeared Slewing Rings Bearings (L6-22P9Z) Turntable Bearings Dual Flanged Swing Bearing for Pump Truck Cranes   with high qualityChina OEM Ungeared Slewing Rings Bearings (L6-22P9Z) Turntable Bearings Dual Flanged Swing Bearing for Pump Truck Cranes   with high quality
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