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China wholesaler SA090aro Chrome Steel Catalog Ultra Reali Slim Wall Roller Silverthin Ball Tapered Thrust Angular Contact Metric Sleeve Thin Section Bearings bearing assembly

Product Description

KAA  opening  type  4.762mm(CP0/XP0/AR0


KA  opening  type 6.35mm(CP0/XP0/AR0





KB  opening  type 7.938mm(CP0/XP0/AR0





KC opening  9.525mm(CP0/XP0/AR0




KD   opening   type 12.7mm(CP0/XP0/AR0




KF  opening  type  19.05mm(CP0/XP0/AR0




KG  open  25.4mm(CP0/XP0/AR0





JA   seals 6.35mm(CP0/XP0/A



JB  seals 7.938mm(CP0/XP0/AR



JU  seals 12.7mm(CP0/XP0/AR




JG   seals  25.4mm(CP0/XP0/AR0


5mm-360mm   is  8mm,13mm,20mm

 thick 8mm    (CP0/XP0/


K12008,K13008,K14008,K15008,K16008,K17008,K1K20008,K25008,K30008,K32008,K34008,K36  thick 13mm  open (CP0/XP0/

K57113,K05013,K06013,K 0571 3,K08013,K 0571 3,K10013,K11013,




K571hinck  20,K 0571 1,K06571,K5711,K 0571 1,K09571,K1571,K11571,



 thick 8mm   Seals (CP0/XP0/ARO



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Precision: P0.P6.P5
Cage Material: Brass.Nylon Plastic Full Ball
Outer Ring: Chrome Steel
Inner Ring: Gcr15
Weight: 0.172kg
Structure: Xpo Aro Cpo

nylon sleeve bearing

Can you describe the various types of seals and shields used with nylon sleeve bearings for contamination prevention?

Yes, various types of seals and shields are used with nylon sleeve bearings to prevent contamination. Here’s a detailed description of these types:

  • Felt Seals:

Felt seals are commonly used with nylon sleeve bearings for contamination prevention. They are made of compressed felt material and provide a barrier against the entry of contaminants such as dirt, dust, and moisture. Felt seals are effective in low to moderate speed applications and offer good resistance to abrasion. They are relatively easy to install and provide a cost-effective sealing solution for nylon sleeve bearings.

  • Rubber Seals:

Rubber seals, also known as radial lip seals or contact seals, are another type of seal used with nylon sleeve bearings. They consist of a rubber lip that makes contact with the shaft surface, creating a seal to prevent the ingress of contaminants. Rubber seals offer excellent sealing properties and can withstand higher speeds and temperature ranges compared to felt seals. They provide reliable contamination prevention and are commonly used in demanding industrial applications.

  • Metal Shields:

Metal shields, also called metal covers or shields, are used as protective barriers with nylon sleeve bearings. They are typically made of metal, such as steel or stainless steel, and are designed to cover the bearing opening partially or completely. Metal shields provide physical protection against large particles, debris, and some contaminants. They are durable and offer good resistance to impact and abrasion. Metal shields are often used in applications where frequent maintenance and inspection are required.

  • Non-Contact Seals:

Non-contact seals, also known as labyrinth seals or gap seals, are designed to prevent contamination without making direct contact with the shaft. They consist of a series of barriers or channels that create a tortuous path for contaminants, effectively sealing the bearing. Non-contact seals offer low friction and reduced heat generation, making them suitable for high-speed applications. They provide reliable contamination prevention while minimizing shaft wear and power losses.

  • Hybrid Seals:

Hybrid seals combine different sealing elements to provide enhanced contamination prevention. They may incorporate a combination of rubber seals, metal shields, or non-contact seal designs. Hybrid seals are designed to provide multiple layers of protection against various types of contaminants. They offer improved sealing performance, durability, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where stringent contamination prevention is required.

  • Integrated Sealing Systems:

In some cases, nylon sleeve bearings may come with integrated sealing systems. These systems include specially designed seals, shields, or combination arrangements that are built into the bearing or bearing housing. Integrated sealing systems provide optimal contamination prevention and are specifically engineered for the bearing application. They offer convenience, reliability, and effective sealing performance, reducing the risk of contamination-related issues and simplifying maintenance requirements.

In summary, the various types of seals and shields used with nylon sleeve bearings for contamination prevention include felt seals, rubber seals, metal shields, non-contact seals, hybrid seals, and integrated sealing systems. The selection of the appropriate sealing solution depends on factors such as the operating environment, speed, temperature, and the level of contamination protection required. By utilizing the right sealing mechanism, nylon sleeve bearings can maintain their performance and reliability by preventing the entry of contaminants and ensuring smooth operation.

nylon sleeve bearing

What are the potential challenges or limitations of using nylon sleeve bearings in specific industries?

When considering the use of nylon sleeve bearings in specific industries, there are several potential challenges or limitations to be aware of. Here’s a detailed explanation of the challenges and limitations associated with using nylon sleeve bearings in specific industries:

  • High Load and Impact Applications:

Nylon sleeve bearings may have limitations when it comes to high load and impact applications. While nylon has good strength and load-bearing capabilities, it may not be suitable for extremely heavy loads or applications with frequent impacts. Excessive loads or impacts can cause deformation, accelerated wear, or even failure of the nylon material. In such cases, alternative bearing materials with higher load and impact resistance, such as bronze or steel, may be more appropriate.

  • Elevated Temperatures:

Nylon sleeve bearings have temperature limitations, particularly when it comes to elevated temperatures. Nylon begins to soften and lose its mechanical properties at higher temperatures. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above its recommended operating range can result in deformation, reduced load capacity, and compromised performance of the bearings. In industries where high temperatures are common, such as automotive or industrial applications, alternative bearing materials capable of withstanding higher temperatures, such as specialized polymers or self-lubricating metals, may be more suitable.

  • Chemical Exposure:

While nylon sleeve bearings offer good resistance to certain chemicals, they may not be suitable for all types of chemical exposures. Nylon can be adversely affected by strong acids, strong bases, and certain solvents. In industries where extensive exposure to corrosive or chemically aggressive environments is expected, alternative bearing materials specifically designed for chemical resistance, such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or stainless steel, may be more appropriate.

  • Hydrolysis:

Nylon is susceptible to hydrolysis, a chemical reaction that occurs when nylon comes into contact with water or high humidity over extended periods. Hydrolysis can lead to a decrease in mechanical properties, dimensional changes, and overall degradation of the nylon material. In industries where prolonged exposure to moisture or high humidity is expected, alternative bearing materials with better resistance to hydrolysis, such as acetal or PEEK (polyether ether ketone), may be more suitable.

  • Speed Limitations:

Nylon sleeve bearings have speed limitations due to factors such as heat generation and potential for material deformation at higher speeds. In high-speed applications, the centrifugal forces and generated heat can cause the nylon material to soften or warp, leading to reduced bearing performance and potential failure. If high-speed operation is a requirement, alternative bearing materials designed for high-speed applications, such as specialized self-lubricating metals or ceramic hybrids, may be more suitable.

In summary, while nylon sleeve bearings offer numerous advantages, they also have potential challenges and limitations in specific industries. Factors such as high loads, impacts, elevated temperatures, chemical exposure, hydrolysis, and speed limitations can affect the performance and suitability of nylon bearings. It is important to carefully assess the application requirements, operating conditions, and potential limitations of nylon sleeve bearings and consider alternative bearing materials when necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity in specific industries.

nylon sleeve bearing

Can you describe the load-carrying capacity and load ratings of nylon sleeve bearings?

Nylon sleeve bearings have specific load-carrying capacities and load ratings that are important considerations when selecting and designing for their use. Here’s a detailed description of the load-carrying capacity and load ratings of nylon sleeve bearings:

Nylon sleeve bearings are designed to support loads and provide a low-friction interface between moving parts. The load-carrying capacity of a nylon bearing refers to its ability to withstand and distribute the applied loads without excessive deformation or failure. The load ratings provide guidance on the maximum loads that a bearing can handle under specific operating conditions.

The load-carrying capacity of nylon sleeve bearings depends on various factors, including the bearing’s dimensions, design, material composition, and operating conditions. Nylon bearings are typically designed for moderate to light loads. They are suitable for applications where the loads are within the specified limits and do not exceed the bearing’s capabilities.

When considering the load ratings of nylon sleeve bearings, there are two primary ratings to consider:

  • Static Load Rating:

The static load rating indicates the maximum load that a nylon bearing can withstand without experiencing permanent deformation. It represents the maximum load that can be safely applied to the bearing when it is stationary or subjected to very slow rotational or oscillatory motions. Exceeding the static load rating can lead to excessive deformation, increased friction, and potential bearing failure.

  • Dynamic Load Rating:

The dynamic load rating specifies the maximum load that a nylon bearing can safely handle under constant rotational or oscillatory motion. It represents the load capacity when the bearing is in continuous motion. The dynamic load rating takes into account the bearing’s ability to distribute the applied load, minimize friction, and maintain reliable operation over an extended period. Exceeding the dynamic load rating can lead to premature wear, increased friction, and potential bearing failure.

It’s important to note that the load ratings provided for nylon sleeve bearings are typically determined through standardized testing procedures, such as those specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These ratings serve as guidelines to help engineers and designers select bearings that can meet the expected load requirements of their specific applications.

It’s also crucial to consider other factors that can affect the load-carrying capacity of nylon bearings, such as temperature, speed, lubrication, and environmental conditions. Operating beyond the recommended load ratings or in harsh conditions can reduce the bearing’s performance, increase wear, and potentially lead to premature failure.

In summary, the load-carrying capacity and load ratings of nylon sleeve bearings depend on various factors, including the bearing design, dimensions, material composition, and operating conditions. Nylon bearings are typically designed for moderate to light loads and have specified static and dynamic load ratings. Adhering to the recommended load ratings and considering other operating factors are essential for ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance of nylon sleeve bearings.

China wholesaler SA090aro Chrome Steel Catalog Ultra Reali Slim Wall Roller Silverthin Ball Tapered Thrust Angular Contact Metric Sleeve Thin Section Bearings   bearing assemblyChina wholesaler SA090aro Chrome Steel Catalog Ultra Reali Slim Wall Roller Silverthin Ball Tapered Thrust Angular Contact Metric Sleeve Thin Section Bearings   bearing assembly
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China Best Sales Stainless Steel Bearing Units Inserted Ball Bearings/Shc201-Shc214 bearing assembly

Product Description

Product Description

We can supply you all range of bearing housing inserted bearings in Stainless steel, Chrome steel and other materials customers required. We can make both metric sized and inch sized bearings for European and U. S. Standard markets.

Bearing No.                                           Dimension              Dynamic load  Statie load Weight (kg)
                      ratings ratings
d D B1 B C S ds G B5 d3 F N N
SS-HC201 12                         0.29
SS-HC201-8 0.5                         0.29
SS-HC202 15 47 43.7 34.2 17 17.1 M6× 0.75 4.8 13.5 33.3 4.4     0.27
SS-HC202-9 9/16 1.8504 1.720 1.3465 0.6693 0.673 1/4-28UNF 0.189 0.531 1.311 0.1732 12800 6650 0.26
SS-HC202-10 5/8                         0.26
SS-HC203 17                         0.25
SS-HC203-11 11/16                         0.25
SS-HC204 20 47 43.7 34.2 17 17.1 M6× 0.75 4.8 13.5 33.3 4.4 12800 6650 0.23
SS-HC204-12 3/4 1.8504 1.720 1.3465 0.6693 0.673 1/4-28UNF 0.189 0.531 1.311 0.1732 0.23
SS-HC205 25 52 44.4 34.9 17 17.5 M6× 0.75 5 13.5 38.1 4.4     0.27
SS-HC205-13 13/16                         0.32
SS-HC205-14 7/8 2.571 1.748 1.374 0.6693 0.689 1/4-28UNF 0.197 0.531 1.500 0.1732 14000 7850 0.31
SS-HC205-15 15/16                         0.29
SS-HC205-16 1                         0.27
SS-HC206 30 62 48.4 36.5 19 18.3 M8× 1 5 15.9 44.5 5.2     0.45
SS-HC206-17 1-1/16                         0.50
SS-HC206-18 1-1/8 2.4409 1.906 1.437 0.7480 0.720 5/16-24UNF 0.197 0.626 1.752 0.2047 19500 11300 0.47
SS-HC206-19 1-3/16                         0.45
SS-HC206-20 1-1/4                         0.42
SS-HC207 35 72 51.1 37.6 20 18.8 M8× 1 7 17.5 55.6 5.5     0.60
SS-HC207-20 1-1/4                         0.67
SS-HC207-21 1-5/16 2.8346 2.012 1.4803 0.7874 0.740 5/16-24UNF 0.276 0.689 2.189 0.2165 25700 15300 0.63
SS-HC207-22 1-3/8                         0.60
SS-HC207-23 1-7/16                         0.57
SS-HC208 40 80 54 40.5 21 19 M8× 1 8 18.3 60.3 6.2     0.79
SS-HC208-24 1-1/12 3.1496 2.126 1.5945 0.8268 0.7480 5/16-24UNF 0.315 0.720 2.374 0.244 29500 18100 0.84
SS-HC208-25 1-9/16                         0.80
SS-HC209 45 85 54 40.5 22 19 M8× 1 8 18.3 63.5 6.4     0.85
SS-HC209-26 1-5/8                         0.96
SS-HC209-27 1-11/16 3.3465 2.126 1.5945 0.8661 0.7480 5/16-24UNF 0.315 0.720 2.5000 0.252 31600 20600 0.91
SS-HC209-28 1-3/4                         0.87
SS-HC210 50 90 62.7 49.2 24 24.6 M8× 1 10 18.3 69.9 6.5     0.99
SS-HC210-29 1-13/16                         1.14
SS-HC210-30 1-7/8 3.5433 2.469 1.937 0.9449 0.969 5/16-24UNF 0.394 0.720 2.752 0.256 35000 23200 1.08
SS-HC210-31 1-15/16                         1.02
SS-HC210-32 2                         0.96
SS-HC211 55 100 71.4 55.5 25 27.8 M10× 1 10 20.7 76.2 7     1.32
SS-HC211-32 2                         1.52
SS-HC211-33 2-1/16 3.937 2.811 2.185 0.9843 1.094 3/8-24UNF 0.394 0.815 3.000 0.2760 43500 29200 1.44
SS-HC211-34 2-1/8                         1.37
SS-HC211-35 2-3/16                         1.29
SS-HC212 60 110 77.8 61.9 27 31 M10× 1.25 10 22.3 84.2 8.5     1.88
SS-HC212-36 2-1/4                         2.04
SS-HC212-37 2-5/16 4.3307 3.063 2.437 1.063 1.22 3/8-24UNF 0.394 0.878 3.315 0.3346 47700 32900 1.95
SS-HC212-38 2-3/8                         1.90
SS-HC212-39 2-7/16                         1.77
SS-HC213 65 120 85.7 68.6 28 34.1 M10× 1.25 10 23.5 86 8.5     2.41
SS-HC213-40 2-1/2 4.3307 3.374 2.7008 1.0630 1.343 3/8-24UNF 0.394 0.925 3.386 0.335 57500 40000 2.51
SS-HC213-41 2-9/16                         2.40
SS-HC214 70 125 85.7 68.6 29 34.1 M10× 1 12 23.5 90 8.9     2.55
SS-HC214-42 2-5/8                         2.79
SS-HC214-43 2-11/16 4.9213 3.374 2.7008 1.1417 1.343 3/8-24UNF 0.472 0.925 3.543 0.335 60800 45000 2.68
SS-HC214-44 2-3/4                         2.56


Packaging & Shipping

Packing : 1)Tube packing + Neutral Carton + Wooden pallet

                 2) Acoording to customer’s requirement


Why Choose Us


The company currently has more than 100 employees, including more than 50 professional technicians, over 10 engineers, and over 10 elite salesperson.


The monthly output of insert bearing is expected to be 450,000-500,000 with 6 main production lines; the deep groove, and the monthly output of deep groove ball is expected to be 350,000-400,000 sets with 3 production lines.


we usually offer sea freight shipping since we are very close to HangZhou Port and ZheJiang Port. Of course, for urgent order, it is also very convenient for us to choose the air and train freight or other options.


We will reply to you within 2 hours after receiving the inquiry on working days.we mainly do custom products, we develop and produce products according to drawings or samples provided by customers.

About Us

HangZhou HangZhou Bearing Co., Ltd., established in 1994 stands right at the prime location of the Yangtze River Delta. Specialized in the production of high-quality deep groove ball bearings and insert bearings. It has emerged as a modern company integrating product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. It can produce bearings with an inner diameter of 3mm to 100mm and customize various non-standard products with highly-automated equipment, stable quality, and complete testing methods ensuring the quality of its products.

With the vigorous development of the foreign trade department, our business in bearing production and sales in 2018 far exceeded 20 million US dollars, and the products were sold in more than 50 countries and regions.

The company has established a modernized enterprise management system, pooling talents in various fields to make the company more humane, informatized and international with the ISO9001 quality management system being introduced to the production process to enhance its competitiveness. In 2017, the ISO/TS16949 quality management system was also introduced to seek further development in richer application field.

Taking “integrity; service; cooperation; CZPT ” as the core values, and “customer first, order primacy” as its working philosophy, adhering to the vision of becoming China’s best bearing supplier, while satisfying the customers and helping employees achieve their dreams, it is constantly heading towards the goal of “get the world move with Chinese Bearings “.




[Q:]1. How soon can we get a reply after we send you an inquiry??
[A:]  We will reply you within 2 hours after receiving the inquiry on working days.

[Q:]2. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company??
[A:]  We have our own factory, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters, and we also have our own international trade department, our products are self-produced and self-sold.

[Q:]4.What products do you offer??
[A:]  Deep groove ball bearings, insert bearings, pillow block, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, angular contact bearings, self-aligning roller bearing, etc.

[Q:]5.Which applications your products are mainly involved??
[A:]  Our products cover almost all applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industry, mainly includingrailways, trucks, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, ships, petroleum machinery, power accessories, electromechanical hardware tools

[Q:]6. Can you make customized products??
[A:]  Yes, we mainly do customized products, we develop and produce products according to drawings or samples provided by customers.

[Q:]7. What is the production capacity of your company??
[A:]  The monthly output of insert bearing is expected to be 450,000-500,000 with 6 main production lines; the deep groove, and the monthly output of deep groove ball is expected to be 350,000-400,000 sets with 3 production lines.

[Q:]8. What is the total number of your employees , and how many of them are technicians.?
[A:]  The company currently has more than 100 employees, including more than 50 professional technicians, over 10 engineers, and over 10 elite salesperson.

[Q:]9.How does your company ensure the quality of the products.?
[A:]  First of all, we will have corresponding inspections after each process. For the final products, we will do 100% inspection according to customer requirements and international standards; Then, we have advanced and complete top-level testing equipment in the industry: spectrum analyzer, metallographic microscope, universal tensile testing machine, low temperature impact testing machine, X-ray flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, coordinate measuring instrument, image Measuring instrument, etc. The above equipment can fully guarantee the high-precision finished castings of the finished parts, and at the same time ensure the customer’s comprehensive testing requirements for physical and chemical properties, non-destructive testing and high-precision geometrical dimensions.

[Q:]10.what is the payment method??
[A:]  When you quote, we will confirm with you the trading method, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. In mass production, we usually pay 30% advance payment first, then see the balance of the bill of lading. Most of the payment methods are T/T, of course, L/C is also acceptable.

[Q:]11.How the goods are delivered to customers??
[A:]  we usually offer sea freight shipping since we are very close to HangZhou Port and ZheJiang Port. Of course, for urgent order, it is also very convenient for us to choose the air and train freight or other options.

[Q:]12.Where are your products mainly exported to??
[A:]  Our products are exported to dozens of foreign countries mainly including Germany, Italy, the United States, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam.



Separated: Separated
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Material: Stainless Steel
Rolling Body: Ball Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)


Customized Request


Advantages and disadvantages of different types of bushings

Bushings are a simple but essential part of machinery with sliding or rotating shaft assemblies. This type of bearing is used in a wide variety of industries because its high load-carrying capacity and excellent anti-friction properties make it a necessity for construction, mining, hydropower, transportation and agricultural machinery. In addition to these applications, bushings also play a vital role in material handling and food processing. This article explores the various types of bushings available.

air casing

The air bushing forms a frictionless cylinder that applies the load to the rotating object. Bushings are used to measure torque and provide self-centering force in applications where linear motion is critical. The following are load equations that can be used to select the appropriate air sleeve for your application. To learn more about these air sleeves, read on. This article discusses the benefits and uses of air bushings in linear motion.
Bushings have many advantages over bearings. They are not prone to wear and corrosion. Unlike bearings, they can easily bypass conversion and inspection periods. Their high-quality design guarantees reliable machine performance, yet they are inexpensive and easy to replace. In many industries, air compressors are essential for sports. The air bushing eliminates friction, allowing the compressor to work more efficiently. They can also help eliminate the need for frictionless bearings and improve the overall efficiency of the machine.
Another type of air bearing is the cylindrical bushing. These are used for linear and aerostatic motion. Their low friction properties allow them to support radial loads without wearing out or damaging components. They are usually used for normal sized shafts. Air bushings have several components that can be used with other types of air bearings. Cylindrical air bearings have four o-ring grooves that allow them to be inserted into the structure. They are often used with other types of air bearings for smoother motion.

rubber bushing

If you’re looking to buy a new suspension system, you may be wondering if rubber or polyurethane is the right choice. Rubber is less expensive, but not without its drawbacks. Polyurethane is more durable and offers better handling and suspension. Rubber bushings also reduce road feel, while polyurethane isolates the driver from the road. Both materials will help you improve handling and alignment, but each has advantages and disadvantages.
Typically, rubber bushings are cylindrical components with metal inner and outer surfaces. These metals can be stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum. They are usually stress relieved and prestressed for maximum durability. They are designed to meet the exact specifications of a specific application. For example, shock-absorbing rubber bushings are cushioning pads made of polyurethane that absorb road bumps and noise.
Unlike polyurethane, rubber suspension bushings have a shorter lifespan than polyurethane. This is because rubber is more susceptible to damage from UV rays, road chemicals and oils. The rubber also stretches and warps due to the pressure of the road. The rubber bushing also squeaks, which can be cause for concern. But if the noise persists for a long time, it may be a sign that your vehicle needs a new suspension system.
The main reason why cars use rubber bushings is for shock absorption. During machine use, vibration and noise caused by the movement of parts can cause serious damage. To prevent this, rubber bushings act as shock absorbers and damping agents. Rubber bushings are an excellent choice for automakers, but they are also used in a variety of industrial settings.

Polyurethane bushing

If you want to make your vehicle handle better, polyurethane bushings may be the answer. They come in different shapes and sizes and can improve a wide range of areas. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane bushings and their potential place in your car. However, before you decide to upgrade your suspension, you should understand the various advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane bushings.
The main difference between a polyurethane bushing and a rubber bushing is how the bushing rides on the suspension arm. Polyurethane bushings do not have faces that slide against each other like rubber bushings. This means they allow for more rotation and flexion, as well as consistent alignment of the control arms. Polyurethane bushings require lubrication, but only need to be lubricated every five years, much longer than equivalent rubber bushings.
Another difference between polyurethane and rubber bushings is hardness. The former has the least elasticity and is generally the most suitable for street use. While rubber bushings provide the best NVH quality, they are also notorious for changing suspension geometry. Rubber is known to be an excellent choice for street use, but polyurethane has a lifespan that far outlasts rubber.

bronze bushing

There are two main types of bronze bushings, sintered and cast. The latter require additional lubrication and are typically used in applications where powder metal products cannot be secured. The former is cheaper than the latter, but the process is more expensive. Bronze bushings can be used in environments where the material will be exposed to high temperature and vibration. For these reasons, the production process is relatively slow and expensive.
The strength of bronze is the main reason why they are so popular. Brass is a softer metal that deforms and corrodes easily. The bronze casing can withstand continuous immersion in water and can last for hundreds of years with little or no maintenance. However, it is important to note that this metal is not resistant to aggressive chemicals and requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.
Bronze bushings offer many advantages, including durability and aesthetics. Bronze bushings are available in a variety of sizes and can be ordered in imperial and metric sizes. They can be built to your specifications and are very durable. You can even custom order them if you want. And because they can be customized, they are an excellent choice for high-end applications. The quality of the bronze bushings is second to none.

Plastic bushing

Engineered composite plastic bushings have been shown to last longer than bronze bushings and have also been found to reduce maintenance costs by up to 40%. Plastic bushings have become the first choice for thousands of applications, including medical equipment, food processing machinery, pumps, and more. Bronze bushings are oil-impregnated, but their performance is limited by their inherent weaknesses: oil-impregnated bronze tends to develop high levels of capillary action and requires rotational motion to maintain an intact oil film. Low speed and intermittent use of bronze bushings can also hinder the ability of the lubricant to provide adequate lubrication.
Advantages of plastic bushings over metal include low friction, non-reactive surfaces, and long life. CZPT offers a variety of engineering plastics that outperform traditional metals in a range of applications. For example, nylon bushings resist wear while requiring little lubrication. In addition, polymer-shaped plastics are lightweight and highly resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals.
Besides being less expensive than metal bushings, plastic bushings offer many other advantages. They are very durable, have a low coefficient of friction, and are more wear-resistant than metal. Unlike metal, plastic bushings do not require lubrication and do not absorb dust and oil like metal bushings. They are lightweight, easy to maintain and last longer. This makes them an excellent choice for many applications.

Sleeve bearing

Sleeve bearings are simple pipes with matching components. They facilitate linear motion by absorbing friction and vibration. They can withstand heavy loads and work at high temperatures for long periods of time. Flange bearings are similar to sleeve bearings, but are enclosed and rotated in a housing unit. Sleeve bearings have higher load-carrying capacity and resistance to shock loads. Furthermore, they are lightweight and low cost.
Another name for sleeve bearings is babbitt radial bearings. These bearings are usually made of bronze and have straight inner and outer diameters. They are also impregnated with oil and can withstand radial loads. Typical uses for sleeve bearings are agriculture, automotive and machine tools. Sleeves can also be solid or cored material, depending on the intended use.
The type of sleeve bearing used in the bushing is important in determining which type of bushing to buy. Sleeve bearings are sized based on pressure and speed considerations. Typically, the PV limit is an upper bound on the combined pressure and velocity for a given casing material. In some cases, the sleeve bearing used in the bushing is the same as the plain bearing.
Sleeve bearings are simple in design and made from a variety of materials, including bronze and plastic. They are more affordable than metal, but plastic is still not inaudible. Plastic sleeve bearings will rattle like metal bearings if the gap between the two bushings is not accurate. Additionally, high temperature electronic painting can permanently thin the casing. The stainless steel backing provides a good surface for electronic painting and enhances abrasion resistance.

China Best Sales Stainless Steel Bearing Units Inserted Ball Bearings/Shc201-Shc214   bearing assemblyChina Best Sales Stainless Steel Bearing Units Inserted Ball Bearings/Shc201-Shc214   bearing assembly
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China Good quality 1688 CZPT 22328cc/W33 Car Accessories Auto Parts China Wholesale Spherical Roller Bearing High Speed High Precision Roller Bearing bearing assembly

Product Description


Product Description


Product Name

Spherical Roller Bearing


Chrome Steel, GCR15


Double Row






Steel Cage,Cooper Cage

Used For

Paper machine, deceleration device, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gearbox seat, rolling mill roller track, crusher, vibrating
screen, printing machine, woodworking machinery


1 year




According to the buyer requests for packaging

Bearing No.



















































































































































































Tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, base bearings, car hub bearings,

truck hub bearings and other products, We can customize the bearing according to the drawings or samples provided by the customer


Grain machinery, textile machinery, washing machinery, engineering machinery, industrial deceleration machinery, woodworking

machinery,papermaking machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, lifting machinery, construction machinery,

large transportation equipment,chemical machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgical industry, large steel mills, cement plants,

energy industry, automobiles, trucks, etc.

Packaging & Shipping

Plastic bag + single box + carton + tray; Industrial packaging + carton + pallet;
We also can According to your requirements to change.

Company Profile

HangZhou CZPT Trading Co., Ltd. is a bearing manufacturer, integrating research, development and sale of bearings , Equipped with modern production equipment and advanced detection instruments

our company specially produces Bearings including Deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, thrust ball bearings, and hub bearings.we bearings are widely used in complete products in metallurgical, mining, petroleum, chemical, coal, cement, Paper making, wind power, heavy machinery, engineering machinery and port machinery industries.

With precision of grade P0, grade P6 P5 P4, we bearings are widely used in complete products in metallurgical,mining, petroleum, chemical, coal, cement, papermaking, wind power, heavy machinery, engineering machinery and port machinery industries. With self-run import & export rights, it sells its products not only across China,but also in tens of other countries and areas such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Russia, German and South Africa, etc.

We would like to serve the customers around the world with our trustworthy products, reasonable price and attentive service. The leading products of the company cover 3 main categories which include more than 3,000 types of bearing products.


1.What is your Before-sales Service?
Offer to bear related consultation about technology and application;
Help customers with bearing choice, clearance configuration, products’ life and reliability analysis;
Offer highly cost-effective and complete solution program according to site conditions;
Offer localized program on introduced equipment to save running cost

2.What is your latest delivery time?
If the goods are in stock, usually 5-10 days. Or if the goods are not in stock, it is 15-20 days, which is based
on the quantity.

3.Does your company have quality assurance?
Yes, for 2 years.

4.What is the competitiveness of your company’s products compared to other companies?
High precision, high speed, low noise.

5.What are the advantages of your company’s services compared to other companies?
Answer questions online 24 hours a day, reply in a timely manner, and provide various documents required
by customers for customs clearance or sales. 100% after-sales service.

6.Which payment method does your company support?
30% deposit,balance payment before delivery.

7.How to contact us quickly?
Please send us an inquiry or message and leave your other contact information, such as phone number,
account or account, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Double
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
US$ 10/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Industrial applications of casing

For rotating and sliding parts, bushings are an important part of the machine. Due to their anti-friction properties and load-carrying capacity, they are an important part of many different industrial processes. Bushings play a vital role in industries such as construction, mining, hydropower, agriculture, transportation, food processing and material handling. To learn more about the benefits of bushings, read on. You’ll be amazed how much they can help your business!


When comparing enclosure types, consider the material and how it will be used. Oilite bushings are made of porous material that draws lubricant into the liner and releases it when pressure is applied. These are manufactured using a sintered or powered metal process. Copper and tin are the most commonly used materials for making copper bushings, but there are other types of metal bushings as well.
Another popular type is the plain bearing. This type reduces friction between the rotating shaft and the stationary support element. This type provides support and load bearing while relying on soft metal or plastic for lubrication. Journal bearings are used to support the linear motion of the engine crankshaft in large turbines. They are usually babbitt or hydrodynamic with a liquid film lubricant between the two halves.
The oil-impregnated paper sleeve is made of high-quality kraft insulating paper. These bushings contain two layers of capacitor grading, with the innermost layer electrically connected to the mounting flange. These are mature processes and are widely used in different voltage levels. CZPT Electric (Group) Co., Ltd. provides UHV DC and AC oil-impregnated paper wall bushings for environmental control rooms.
Electrical bushings are used to transmit electricity. These can be transformers, circuit breakers, shunt reactors and power capacitors. The bushing can be built into the bushing or through the bushing. The conductors must be able to carry the rated current without overheating the adjacent insulation. A typical bushing design has a conductor made of copper or aluminum with insulation on all other sides. If the bushing is used in a circuit, the insulation needs to be high enough to prevent any leakage paths.
Voltage and current ratings of electrical bushings. Solid type electrical bushings typically have a center conductor and a porcelain or epoxy insulator. These bushings are used in small distribution transformers and large generator step-up transformers. Their test voltage is typically around 70 kV. Subsequent applications of this bushing may require a lower halfway release limit. However, this is a common type for many other applications.


Various industrial applications involve the use of casing. It is an excellent mechanical and chemical material with a wide range of properties. These compounds are also packaged according to national and international standards. Therefore, bushings are used in many different types of machines and equipment. This article will focus on the main industrial applications of casing. This article will also explain what a casing is and what it can do. For more information, click here. Casing application
Among other uses, bushing assemblies are used in aircraft and machinery. For example, a fuel tank of an aircraft may include baffle isolator 40 . The bushing assembly 16 serves as an interface to the fuel tank, allowing electrical current to flow. It can also be used to isolate one component from another. In some cases, bushing assemblies are used to provide a tight fit and reduce electrical resistance, which is important in circuits.
The benefits of casing go beyond reducing energy transmission. They reduce lubrication costs. If two metal parts are in direct contact, lubrication is required. Thus, the bushing reduces the need for lubrication. They also allow parts of the car to move freely. For example, rubber bushings may begin to deteriorate due to high internal temperatures or cold weather. Also, oil can affect their performance.
For example, bushing CTs in oil and gas circuit breakers are used as window current transformers. It consists of a toroidal core and secondary windings. The center conductor of the bushing acts as the single-turn primary of the BCT. By tapping the secondary winding, the ratio between primary and secondary can be changed. This information can be found on the asset nameplate.
Among other uses, bushings are used in diagnostic equipment. These components require precise positioning. Fortunately, air sleeves are perfect for this purpose. Their frictionless operation eliminates the possibility of misalignment. In addition, products based on porous media help minimize noise. A casing manufacturer can advise you on the best product for your equipment. Therefore, if you are looking for replacement bushings for your existing equipment, please feel free to contact Daikin.


Dry ferrule cores were selected for study and examined under an Olympus polarizing microscope (BX51-P). Core slices showing layers of aluminum foil with a distance of approximately 2 cm between adjacent capacitor screens. The aluminum foil surface has a multi-layered structure with undulations due to shrinkage and crepe. Differences between the two types of foils are also revealed.
A typical metal bushing material consists of a high-strength metal backing and a solid lubricant. These materials have higher load-carrying capacity and low friction during operation. Additionally, they are precision machined to tight tolerances. They also offer better thermal conductivity and better fatigue resistance. The accuracy of the metal bushing is improved due to the re-machining process that takes place after the bearing is assembled. Additionally, metal bushing materials are more resistant to wear than plastic bushing materials.
Plastic bushings are relatively inexpensive and readily available off the shelf. Also, the price of custom plastic bushings is relatively low. However, they are not recommended for heavy duty applications. Plastics degrade under high loads and can damage mating parts. Also, if the plastic bushings are not manufactured accurately, they can become misaligned. These are just some of the reasons for choosing metal bushings over plastic.
A mechanically bonded bushing 40 is placed over the stabilizer bar and compressed into the outer sleeve/bracket assembly. The outer metal member includes slotted holes that compensate for the tolerance stacking between the first and second bushing assemblies. Pre-assembly allows the assembly plant to receive a complete assembly ready for vehicle assembly, rather than sub-assembly at the vehicle manufacturing plant.


Control arm bushings are a major component of modern vehicle suspension systems. Damaged bushings can negatively affect the handling and performance of your car. Replacing bushings on a car can cost $200 to $500. While that’s pretty cheap for a handful of control bushings, replacing the entire suspension system could set you back over $1,200. Thankfully, if you want to repair or replace the bushing yourself, you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.
If you decide to replace the control arm bushing yourself, it’s best to shop around for the best price. Many auto parts stores offer cheaper bushings that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Even if you don’t drive for years, rubber can degrade and create cracks in the material. These cracks can be as deep as three-eighths of an inch. This makes it dangerous to drive a car with damaged control arm bushings.
Hiring a mechanic might be a good idea if you don’t like doing the work yourself. You can save money and time by repairing the control arm yourself, but you may have to hire a mechanic to do the job. Replacing the front sway bar bushing alone can cost between $450 and $900. While these components are relatively inexpensive, you can replace them for a better-handling car.
In some cases, sizing the bushings is a more economical option, but if you want to replace your entire suspension system, it’s better to buy a brand new lower limit. You can even save labor by buying a replacement part fork with a good lower portion. In addition to improving your car’s handling and ride, new bushings will add to your car’s overall value. If you are not sure which parts you need, ask your mechanic for a quote.
While the cost of replacing control arm bushings is relatively low, it’s a good idea to compare quotes from multiple mechanics. By getting multiple quotes for the same repair, you can save as much as $50 to $100 on the total cost of your car. In addition to labor costs, parts and labor can vary, so shop around to find the mechanic best suited for your car. There’s no reason to settle for sub-par service when you can save $50 or more!

China Good quality 1688 CZPT 22328cc/W33 Car Accessories Auto Parts China Wholesale Spherical Roller Bearing High Speed High Precision Roller Bearing   bearing assemblyChina Good quality 1688 CZPT 22328cc/W33 Car Accessories Auto Parts China Wholesale Spherical Roller Bearing High Speed High Precision Roller Bearing   bearing assembly
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China wholesaler High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7314bm bearing assembly

Merchandise Description

Angular contact ball bearings have inner and outer ring raceways that are displaced relative to each and every other in the path of the bearing axis. This signifies that these bearings are made to accommodate merged masses, i.e. simultaneously performing radial and axial hundreds.

The axial load carrying capacity of angular make contact with ball bearings raises as the contact angle boosts. The get in touch with angle is outlined as the angle among the line joining the factors of contact of the ball and the raceways in the radial plane, together which the combined load is transmitted from 1 raceway to one more, and a line perpendicular to the bearing axis

Applications and Market: AUTOMOTIVE, Residence APPLIANCES, Metal Industry, FLUID Equipment, TEXTILE Industry,AEROSPACE Applications, Machine Device Application, PUMPS AND MOTORS, RAILD Highway Apps

-With filling slot 
Make contact with angles32
Get in touch with angles24


The most generally utilized designs are:

solitary row angular get in touch with ball bearings 
-7000 collection
-7200 sequence
-7300 collection
-71800 sequence
-71900 sequence


double row angular make contact with ball bearings 
-3000A collection
-3000A-2RS series
-3000A-2Z sequence
-5200 series
-5300 series

four-stage contact ball bearings 
-QJ200 collection
-QJ300 sequence
-QJ1000 sequence


  Dimensions(mm) Basic Load Ranking(N) Limiting Speed(r/min) Weight
Bearing Number d D B Dyn.C Stat.C0 Grease Oil kg
7000 AC 10 26 8 5000 2350 34000 42000 .571
7000 B ten 26 8 4650 2150 25000 33000 .571
7000 C ten 26 8 5300 2450 47000 62000 .571
7001 AC 12 28 8 5400 2750 29000 37000 .571
7001 B twelve 28 8 4950 2500 22000 29000 .571
7001 C 12 28 8 5800 2950 40000 54000 .571
7002 AC 15 32 nine 6100 3450 26000 32000 .039
7002 B fifteen 32 nine 5550 3150 19000 25000 .039
7002 C 15 32 nine 6600 3700 35000 47000 .039
7003 AC 17 35 10 6750 4150 23000 28000 .051
7003 B seventeen 35 ten 6100 3750 17000 23000 .051
7004 AC 20 forty two twelve 10300 6100 19000 24000 .089
7004 B twenty 42 twelve 9350 5550 14000 19000 .089
7004 C 20 42 twelve 11100 6600 26000 35000 .089
7005 AC twenty five forty seven 12 11300 7400 17000 21000 .103
7005 B 25 forty seven twelve 15710 6700 12000 17000 .103
7005 C 25 47 twelve 12300 8000 23000 30000 .103
7006 AC 30 fifty five thirteen 14500 15710 14000 18000 .15
7006 B 30 55 thirteen 13100 9200 11000 14000 .fifteen
7006 C 30 55 thirteen 15800 11000 20000 26000 .15
7007 AC 35 62 14 17500 12600 12000 15000 .207
7007 B 35 62 fourteen 15800 11400 9200 12000 .207
7007 C 35 62 14 19100 13700 17000 22000 .207
7008 AC 40 sixty eight 15 18700 14600 11000 14000 .247
7008 B 40 68 15 16800 13200 8300 11000 .247
7008 C 40 sixty eight fifteen 20500 15900 15000 20000 .247
7009 AC forty five seventy five sixteen 22200 17700 10000 12000 .31
7009 B forty five seventy five 16 20000 16000 7500 10000 .31
7009 C forty five 75 16 24400 19300 14000 18000 .31
7571 AC fifty eighty sixteen 23600 25710 9200 11000 .35
7571 B fifty 80 sixteen 21200 18100 6900 9200 .35
7571 C 50 80 16 26000 21900 13000 17000 .35
7011 AC 55 ninety eighteen 31100 26300 8300 ten thousand .47
7011 B fifty five ninety eighteen 27900 23700 6200 8300 .47
7011 C 55 90 eighteen 34100 28600 11000 15000 .47
7012 AC sixty ninety five eighteen 31900 28100 7700 9700 .five
7012 B sixty ninety five eighteen 28600 25300 5800 7700 .five
7012 C 60 95 eighteen 35000 30600 11000 14000 .five
7013 AC sixty five a hundred eighteen 33700 31400 7200 9000 .fifty four
7013 B 65 a hundred 18 35710 28300 5400 7200 .fifty four
7013 C sixty five one hundred eighteen 37100 34300 10000 13000 .54
7014 AC 70 a hundred and ten 20 42700 39400 6600 8300 .81
7014 B 70 one hundred ten 20 38300 35500 5000 6600 .eighty one
7014 C 70 a hundred and ten twenty 46900 43000 9200 12000 .81
7015 AC seventy five 115 twenty 43600 41700 6300 7800 .86
7015 B 75 one hundred fifteen 20 39100 37600 4700 6300 .86
7015 C 75 one hundred fifteen 20 48000 45600 8700 11000 .86
7016 AC eighty 125 22 53400 50600 5800 7200 1.eleven
7016 B 80 a hundred twenty five 22 47800 45700 4300 5800 1.11
7016 C eighty 125 22 58700 55300 8000 11000 one.eleven
7017 AC eighty five 130 22 54600 53700 5500 6800 one.25
7017 B 85 130 22 48800 48400 4100 5500 one.25
7017 C 85 a hundred thirty 22 65710 58700 7600 ten thousand one.25
7018 AC ninety one hundred forty 24 65200 63300 5100 6400 1.fifty eight
7018 B 90 one hundred forty 24 58400 57100 3900 5100 one.58
7018 C ninety a hundred and forty 24 71700 69100 7100 9400 1.58
7019 AC 95 one hundred forty five 24 66600 67100 4800 6000 1.sixty seven
7019 B ninety five 145 24 59600 60500 3600 4800 one.sixty seven
7019 C ninety five a hundred forty five 24 73400 73400 6700 8900 one.67
7571 AC 100 one hundred fifty 24 68400 70600 4700 5900 1.72
7571 B 100 150 24 61200 63600 3500 4700 one.seventy two
7571 C a hundred one hundred fifty 24 75300 77200 6500 8600 1.seventy two

Contact Angle: 40
Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Rows Number: Single
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Material: Bearing Steel
US$ 20/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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